Jacques Monod Conference – Bacteria & Fungal Interactions

Conférence Jacques Monod co-organized by l’INRA, CNRS and Labex ARBRE
Bacterial-fungal interactions: a federative field for fundamental and applied microbiology

7-11 December in Roscoff (Bretagne)


Historically, the classical separation of microbiological research between bacteriologists and mycologists has led to the study of bacteria and fungi in gnotobiotic settings. This compartmentalization has overlooked the fact that in many environments bacteria and fungi coexist and interact, forming physically and metabolically interdependent consortia that harbour distinct properties from their single components. These mixed consortia are of central practical importance in an exceptionally diverse variety of fields including agriculture, forestry, environmental and cultural heritage protections, food processing, biotechnology, and medicine.

By not focusing exclusively on one area of application, the Jacques Monod Conferences seek to generate a novel unifying perspective on BFIs that enables the identification fundamental themes, mechanisms and areas of mutual interest.

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