WADE Seminar

Weeks seminar for Wood Acclimation to Disturbed Environments (WADE)

October 31 – 14h00

Tilleul conference room
INRA Nancy center,  Champenoux


This weeks program featured four summary presentations describing the latest work progress related to WADE.

Integrative biomechanics for tree ecology: beyond wood density and strength .
by Meriem Fournier

Biosynthesis of secondary walls in poplar wood under environmental stress.
by Mireille Cabané

Composition of wood in mixed plantations of nitrogen-fixing and non-nitrogen fixing species: Impact of the nitrogen resource.
by Nicoloas Brosse

Wood branches and nodes – preliminary results on the branches of Norway spruce. Future perspectives.
by Francis Colin


WADE project
Wood Acclimation to Disturbed Environments

Jana Dlouhà, LERFORB
Meriem Fournier, LERFORB