Thesis projects of the LabEx

Thesis projects financed or co-financed by LabEx ARBRE currently in progress:

  • ADIKURNIA Ignatius Krisita – UMR Silva
    Thesis subject: Intra-annual dynamics of carbon sequestration and lignin deposition in softwood and hardwood species of temperate forests
  • CHOUFA Caroline – UMR Dynamic
    Thesis subject: Interplay between lateral gene transfer in bacteria and rhizosphere functioning
  • LINTZ Julie – UMR IAM
    Thesis subject: Characterization and valorisation of defense peptides from trees of the Salicaceae family
  • MATHIEU Valentin – UMR BETA
    Thesis subject: Global urban networks: a new approach to modeling the global wood economy
  • NADER Saad – Lermab
    Thesis subject: Production of microfibrillated cellulose by steam explosion process (Nanosteamex)
  • TURC Benjamin– UMR Silva
    Thesis subject: Impact of ozone and drought on carbon allocation in poplar: consequences for growth and woody biomass production


They defended their thesis