They defended their thesis

  • BASSO Veronica – UMR IAM – 12/2019
    Subject: Phytohormone signaling pathways in the establishment of ectomycorrhizal symbiosis between Populus and Laccaria bicolor roots: a new look at the modulation of jasmonic acid perception during fungal colonization
  • BORNOT Yoran – EEF – 12/2017
    Subject: Effect of tree nutrient status on drought resilience
  • CAROL Nathalie – UMR SILVA – 02/2021
    Subject: The role of proximity managers in the manufacture of strategic meaning at the Office National des Forêts: the effects of borders on the influence of hammering practices
  • CHUSTE Pierre-Antoine– EEF – 12/2018
    Subject: Study of the sensitivity of Lorraine beech to an extreme climatic event. What are the roles of carbon and nitrogen metabolisms in tree death
  • DEROY Aurélie – UMR IAM – 11/2015
    Subject: Evolution and adaptation of the detoxification system of trametes versilocor, a wood decayer fungus
  • FRULEUX Alexandre – EEF – 04/2017
    Subject: Root development of beech (Fagus sylvatica) in interaction with other forest species and as a function of water availability: consequences on growth and water and carbon functioning
  • HAMADA Joël – LERMAB – 11/2016
    Subject: Effect of intra- and inter-specific wood variability on heat treatment processes
  • HILY Emeline – LEF- 07/2017
    Subject: Incentive payments for biodiversity conservation : A dynamic and spatial analysis
  • LIN Bo Jhih – LERMAB – 04/2019
    Subject: Studies of soft pyrolysis treated wood in a semi-industrial reactor for sustainable material production: thermal behavior, property changes and kinetic modeling
  • MAILLARD François – UMR IAM – 10/2018
    Subject: Biomass Removal Impact on soil Diversity, Geochemistry and tree Ecophysiology (BRIDGE): Seasonal functional responses of tree rhizobiome to organic matter removal in oak and beech forests
  • MUBAROK Mahdi – LERMAB – 10/2019
    Subject: Valorization of beech wood through development of innovative and environmentally friendly chemical modification treatments
  • NGUYEN Van tho – LERFOB – 10/2018
    Subject: Quality assessment of roundwood and tree trunk from 3D terrestrial LiDAR data
  • NICOLITCH-CAFE Océane – UMR IAM – 12/2017
    Subject: Impact of inorganic nutrient availability on the functional and taxonomic structure of bacterial communities in forest soils
  • NOYER Estelle – LERFOB – 05/2017
    Subject: Responses of beech (Fagus sylvatica L.) poles to canopy opening: a multidisciplinary and multiscale approach
  • PEGEOT Henri – UMR IAM – 12/2015
    Subject: Study of glutathione transferases of the Phi class in poplar (Populus trichocarpa): structural and enzymatic characterization and search for target molecules
  • TOUSSAINT Maxime – Dynamic – 12/2018
    Subject: Exploitation and exploration of the genetic diversity of a natural population of Streptomyces from a soil microhabitat
  • VALETTE Nicolas – UMR IAM – 12/2017
    Subject: Functional characterization of small secreted proteins in lignolytic fungi
  • ZANNINI Flavien – UMR IAM – 12/2019
    Subject: Functional analysis of new metal- or redox-dependent proteins in plants