ARBRE Seminar — An Interface Project ONF-INRA


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New tools for decision making in the context of climate change

23 June 2015 – 13h30
AgroParisTech, Nancy campus
Amphitheatre A


The seminar « New tools for forest decision making in the context of climate change” will take place on Tuesday, 23 June at AgroParisTech in Nancy. This is a restitution seminar concerning the ONF-INRA Interface Project entitled “Forest site, distribution, growth and tree species choice in a global change context” which is organized by the INRA Laboratories EEF, LERFOB and the Research, Development and Innovation Department of the French National Forestry Services (RDI-ONF) with support from LabEx ARBRE.

Dr. Paulina Pinto, Project Manager of the Interface Project ONF-INRA, will present the main results involving three topics related to: (i) new tools for forest site classification by bio-indication, (ii) prediction of tree species’ distribution for forest decision making in a climatic change context, and (iii) application of these new tools at forest management scale. Discussions concerning the three topics will be led by Quentin Ponette, professor at the Université Chatholique de Louvain, Olivier Picard head of RMT Aforce and Eric Lacombe professor of silviculture at AgroParisTech. This seminar will begin with an introduction by Meriem Fournier, Director of AgroParisTech, Nancy campus, and will conclude with a closing by Myriam Legay, Head of the Research Development and Innovation Department of the ONF.

For more details, follow this link —  program Seminar Interface Project 2015

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Photo credit:  M. Meuret – INRA


ANR Symposium Invitation

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The French National Research Agency (ANR) presents the upcoming symposium
“Dealing with climatic changes – The contributions of collaborative research projects”

Monday, July 6, 2015
Maison de la Chimie – Paris


This symposium is a valuable opportunity to present the latest research in the field of climate change conducted by projects funded by the ANR and the General Commissariat for Investment (CGI) – as part of the program Investments for the Future. The event has been organized as a side event featured at the international scientific conference “Our Common Future Under Climate Change”, taking place at the UNESCO headquarters in Paris from 7 to 10 July, 2015.

The symposium on July 6 will be structured around four plenary sessions:

  • Monitoring the climate change process
  • The impacts of climate and associated vulnerabilities
  • Mitigation strategies: policies and regulations
  • Towards alternative solutions?

In addition to these topical themes, poster presentations will show results related to emerging areas of interest, such as the impact of climate change on health, in particular, on infectious diseases.

The event will close with a roundtable discussion for an exchange on major advances, obstacles and prospects in the field of climate change.

For more information, please visit the symposium website : Symposium Presentation – Dealing with climate climatic changes – 6 July 2015

Follow this link for the program — Symposium Program

WONV Workshop

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Workshop On Non-Market Valuation (WONV)
AgroParisTech – Nancy

22-23 June 2015


The main objectives of this workshop are to provide a forum for dissemination of high quality papers in the field of non-market valuation and to create a network. The third edition of the workshop will take place at Laboratory of Forest Economics (LEF), in Nancy. Both theoretical and applied papers dealing with stated preference methods (contingent valuation, choice experiment) or revealed preference methods (travel cost method, hedonic pricing method) will be presented. The workshop is open to both young and experienced researchers.

Keynote speakers

  • Pr. Brett Day (University of East Anglia, Norwich, UK)
  • Pr. Stephane Hess (University of Leeds, UK)
  • Pr. Jurgen Meyerhoff (Technische Universitat Berlin, Germany)

Local scientific and organization committee: Jens Abiltrup, Serge Garcia, Claire Montagne-Huck
Coordinator: Pierre-Alexandre MAHIEU (University of Nantes, France)

Deadline — May 15th.
Cost —100€ for students, 150€ for non students
Contact: Claire Montagné-Huck ( )

For more information, visit the workshop website:



RMT AFORCE – Call for proposals

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Call for projet proposals for the AFORCE mixed technology network

Forests adaptation to climate change

Deadline for proposal submissions:
Wednesday, 9 September 2015, 17h00






Foresters and researchers have teamed up to create AFORCE, a mixed technology network (RMT) devoted to the adaptation of forests to climate change. AFORCE is a multi-stakeholder network: it brings together actors in research, development, management, education and training. Its purpose is to coordinate actions aimed at forest adaptation to climate change, and to provide managers with decision making support tools.

The RMT AFORCE has announced the new call for project proposals.

The objective of this call for proposals is to meet the needs of foresters, in terms of tools and availability of technical elements to accompany the adaptation of forests to climate change.

The priority is given to projects relating to the following themes:

  1. Adaptation Strategies, technical innovations and new forestry techniques ;
  2. Risk and economic evaluation of management decisions;
  3. Choice of species and origins.

The network is also offering the possibility this year to submit a letter of intent in anticipation of upcoming calls for project proposals.

Instructions for submission and a financial annex (attached) should be filled out and returned to us by September 9, 2015 by 17h00.

Please disseminate this call for proposals within your institutions and among your networks.

The 5th ReGeFor Workshop

new english

The next in the series of Workshops on Research and Forest Management


15, 16 & 17 June
INRA Nancy-Lorraine Center,
Conference Room



Forest management responding to innovations in the wood sector

If you are not able to attend the  REGEFOR Workshop, contribute to the work! A reflection, resultst, a proposal? Submit your singular or group voluntary contributions in the form of a short text or a poster by following the link below : CALL FOR VOLUNTARY CONTRIBUTIONS

For more information and regular updates, please visit the website : REGEFOR WORKSHOP

Science & You — the forum is open!

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Science & You has opened its doors! From 10h to 18h, at the Centre Prouvé in Nancy, let yourself be surprised by more than 80 free exhibits all open to the public. Interactive stands, shows, exhibitions, games, conferences open to everyone … A wide range of ways to (re)discover science by experimenting and exchanging with scientists and researchers alike.

Today at the Centre Prouvé, Friday, June 5 at 19h45, come attend a conference open to the public presented by Etienne Klein, a philosopher of science and sponsor of Science&You, entitled “Has the universe always existed? “.

new science you

Science & You, here we go!

new science you en

Following on from the Journées Hubert Curien 2012, the Conference aims at reflecting further on a range of science communication themes which complement each other. How can we link together culture, art and science? What role can digital technology play in science communication? How can we use fun activities to raise interest in science in a young audience? How are citizens informed of the latest progress in science? Do researchers communicate efficiently about their work? What role do the media play in these debates? Many questions that will bring together more than 700 international professionals in science communication for 4 days, from June 2nd to 5th at Nancy’s Centre Prouvé.

12 keynote speakers, from all over the world, will take part in plenary sessions during the morning, and 180 communicators will organize workshops on innovative topics during the afternoon.

The complete programme is available online. Printed versions will be available on site — For more info, please visit the website!

ARBRE Seminar — Jody Jellison








Fungal cation translocation: a key point in fungal physiology, biodegradation and biogeochemical cycles

Conference room — INRA, Champenoux
3 June 2015 at 13h30



Jody Jellison will present a seminar entitled: “Fungal cation translocation: a key point in fungal physiology, biodegradation and biogeochemical cycles” tomorrow at 13h30 in conference room at INRA in Champenoux.Jody’s visit to work within the unit IAM is funded by the LabEx ARBRE
Abstract :

Jody Jellison, Barry Goodell, Grant Kirker, Sam Zelinka, Walter Shortle, Jonathan Schilling, oseph Jakes

The brown rot fungi are important components of the coniferous northern hemisphere forest ecosystem and are characterized by their ability to colonize and degrade lignocellulosic materials; preferentially metabolizing the hemicellulose and cellulose components and leaving a residue of modified lignin. Multiple aspects of the metabolism and degradative capabilities of these organisms are dependent upon cations, including but not limited to iron, manganese, and calcium. As wood degrades, it is characterized by decreasing pH and increasing concentrations of selected cations. The decay fungi, as they colonize the wood, are able to differentially translocate cations as demonstrated by ICP, and to actively modulate their ionic environment. The base cations are needed for many metabolic functions including membrane stabilization and they also function as enzyme cofactors and electrolytes. Transition metal cation concentrations can be shown to influence the extent of fungal sheath formation, and the activity of a biologically unique iron-based non-enzymatic degradative system in the brown rots. They also affect the expression of selected genes involved in oxalate metabolism. The role of iron in the chelator-mediated Fenton (CMF) system is particularly crucial to the ability of the brown rot fungi to depolymerize lignocellulose. Organisms used in this work include: Serpula lacrymans, Postia placenta,Fomitopsis pinicola and Gloeophyllum trabeum. The role played by transition metals, pH, oxalate production and calcium oxalate crystal formation in brown rot physiology and cell wall breakdown mechanisms is discussed along with the potential ecological significance of cation mobilization and redistribution within the forest floor ecosystem

ARBRE Seminar – Barry Goodell

seminar EN newDr. Barry Goodell presents
“Decomposition of lignocellulose by the chelator-mediated Fenton (CMF) system in brown rot fungi, and tea thesis role fungi play in carbon sequestration and cycling”

Conference Room, INRA Champenoux
28 May 2018


Professor Barry Goodell has over 29 years of experience in the sustainable biomaterials and wood science and engineering fields, including work in bioconversion and bioenergy, structural biocomposites, and sustainable nanomaterials fields. He holds a Doctorate from Oregon State University was previously a Professor at the University of Maine. He also previously was the Head of the Department of Sustainable Biomaterials Department which was restructured with that name under Dr. Goodell’s leadership. He currently serves as a Professor in that department at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University (Virginia Tech). Dr. Goodell has published over one hundred articles on wood and biomaterials degradation and protection, biochemical mechanisms related to free radical bioconversion processes, engineered wood composites as related to FRPs and PMCs and the development of novel products including advanced hybrid biocomposites. He also holds four patents and two provisional patents, with other patents pending.

Dr. Goodell’s current research interests include:

  • Bioprocessing and Bioconversion of woody biomass and lignocellulose materials,
  • Production of Carbon Nanotubes, Mesoporous carbon and Nanofibers from Wood and Plant Materials, and
  • Biocomposites, Polymer Matrix Composites (PMCs) and Metal Matrix Composites (MMCs) Production.

Dr. Goodell’s visit in France to work with the IAM and LERMAB research units is funded by the University of Lorraine and LabEx ARBRE.

For more details about this seminar — Seminar by Barry Goodell
To read more about Dr. Goodell’s research Dr. Barry Goodell

Conference on the forest project of the future

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The importance of multi-functionality in forest management — bridging the gap between rhetoric and reality, between institutional policies and actual practices

Christian Barthod
28 May 2015
AgroParis Tech, Nancy

On May 28, 2015, Mr. Christian BARTHOD with the Ministry of Ecology and Sustainable Development in France, will present a conference “the forest project of the future”.

Organizing the conference are three students enrolled in the Masters program on Biology and Ecology for Forests, Agronomy and Ecosystem Management (FAGE) with a specialty in Forests and their Environment (FEN).

The goal is to provide a platform of discussion to address a range of topics relating to the forest as a natural environment, the multi-functional forest, the cultivated forest and the producing forest. Mr. Barthod will present his vision of the project by providing a comparative view of the history of forest management in France and the influence of foreign models, notably that of North America.

The first conference will be held at the AgroParisTech center in Nancy, in the HAS amphitheatre from 17h00 to 18h30 and will focus on the topic: “The importance of multi-functionality in forest management — bridging the gap between rhetoric and reality, between institutional policies and actual practices”

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