Multidisciplinary Projects

All projects are awarded support funding from the annual call for proposals (CFP).
Reports are listed below. Full reports available via new links.

  • QLSPIMS: Quantum Leap for Soil-plant Interaction Models (CFP 2012)
  • SYMWOOD: Comparative Genomics and Biochemistry of Symbiosis and Wood decay mechanisms in Fungi (CFP 2012) – Report
  • WADE: Wood Acclimation to Disturbed Environments (CFP 2012) – Report
  • EVAQBT2: Investigation, Identification and Characterization of the Effects of the Natural Variability of the Forest Resource for Optimizing the Quality of Thermally Treated Wood (CFP 2012, 2013) – Report
  • EWOC-Biosensor: Development of a New Tool for the Detection of Early Wood Decay (CFP 2013) – Report
  • INTEGRARust: Molecular Bases of the R-Avr Interaction in the Model Forest Pathosystem Populus-Melampsora through an Integrative Biology Approach (CFP 2013) – Report
  • MEPiB-Death: Morphological and Ecophysiological Processes Leading to Beech Tree Death (CFP 2013) – Report
  • INABACT: Impact of Nutrient Availability on the Diversity, Function and Functioning of the Forest Soil Bacterial Communities: Insights from the Soil Succession of the Forest Experimental Site of Montiers-sur-Saulx (CFP 2014) – Report
  • WOHTOC: Wood Heat Treatment, Optimisation and Control (CFP 2015) – Report