Incentive projects

All projects are awarded support funding from the annual call for proposals (CFP).
Reports are listed below. Full reports available via new links.

AAP 2012
  • COMICSOFT: Towards the understanding of microbial dialogues within forest soil ecosystems: study of the metabolic exchanges between Streptomyces and PseudomonasReport
  • DETPOP: Detoxification Responses of Poplar under Oxidative Stress Induced by Drought or Ozone: Focus on the Role of Glutathione Metabolism Report
  • GRECOR: Spatial Dynamics of Green Corridors: The Case of Forests in France Report
  • PopGST: Structure-function Analysis of Proteins Involved in Stress Resistance Mechanisms in the Model Tree Populus trichocarpa – Report
  • ROOTEX: Transcription Factors Involved in the Orchestration of Root Growth Report
AAP 2013
  • AGRO-TCR: Establishment of an Agro-forestry Instrumented Site in Champenoux, France: to Optimize Productivity and Sustainability of Intensive Cropping Systems through Symbiotic Nitrogen Fixation Report
  • EFFECTER: Looking for Effector Symbiosis-related Proteins in the Ericoid Endomycorrhizal Fungus Oidiodendron maius Report
  • LEAFLITTEROME: Molecular Ecology of Leaf Litter DecompositionReport
  • WOODFORMS: Wood Formation Mechanisms under Stress Report
AAP 2014
  • BactoTruf: Functional Characterization of Bacterial Communities of the Black Truffle Tuber Melanosporum along its Life Cycle Report
  • DIGITAL-FRA: Use of Digital Canopy Height Models to Improved Forest Resource Assessments at the Local and Regional level Report
  • LEAFMAP: Long Term after-effects of Forest Management Practices Report
  • MIX-ABIES: The Influence of Species Interactions on the Response of Abies alba‘s Water-use Efficiency to Extreme Drought Events Report
  • POP-FOAMS: Mechanical Performance Optimisation of Tannin-based Carbon Foams Report
  • QUEDAD: Quantification of Economic Damages and Costs of Ash Dieback in France Report
  • REMIX: Resilience of Mixed Beech-Scots Pine Forests to Climate Change Report
  • UPPMR: Use of Physcomitrella Patens to Generate Mutants of the Redox Systems Report
  • WOOD-EP-N2: Wood Composition of Eucalyptus and Poplar from Pure and Mixed Plantations Report
AAP 2015
  • DROVER: Does Lower Drought Exposure Explain Overyielding in Fagus sylvaticaPinus sylvestris Mixtures across Europe?Report
  • EIFFEL: Experimental Initiative for the Future of Forest Ecosystems in France Report
  • FORECOST: The Provision of Forest Ecosystem Services: A Dual Cost Approach Report
  • FORMOUV: Expomobile “Forests in Motion” Report
  • FUNMINWOOD: Minerals in Wood: What is their Role in the Fungal Decay Process? Report
  • GLUP: Carbohydrate Reserves of Poles Report
  • NITROBEECH: How do Severe Drought and Defoliation Alter Nitrogen Cycle in Beech Trees? Report
  • WIND-IN-WOOD: Interspecific Diversity of Wind Resistance Strategies among Temperate Tree Species – What is the Role of Radial Variations of Wood Material Properties in Different Tree Organs? Report
  • WOGRAFTAN: Water Impervious Oil-grafted Tannin Foams – Report
AAP 2016
  • ADFORIX: Adaptation to Climate Change: Forest Owners’ Risk Attitude and Perception Report
  • BILEUROPE: Soil Properties from Geographic Databases: A Prerequisite for Soil Water Balance Mapping in European ForestsReport
  • DOPALEP: Development of Shared Tools for Quality Aleppo Pine Forestry Report
  • FEM-FIRE: Finite Element Modeling for Fire Resistance of Timber Composite Panels Report
  • FERPAR: Identification of Plant Ferredoxin Protein Partners Report
  • FORMANCLIM: New Tools for Site Classification and Tree Species Selection – Application to Forest Management in the Context of Climate Change – Report
  • ISABEX: Interactions between Saprotrophic Bacteria and the White-rot Phanerochaete chrysosporium in Presence of Wood Extractives Report
  • SCAN-COMP: Linking Crown Plasticity to Tree Growth Using Terrestrial Laser Scanning under a Gradient of Competition Conditions Projet
AAP 2017
  • BIOPOLYMOS: Fractionation and Characterization of Fungal and Tree Biopolymers during Forest MOS Degradation Report
  • DIVBACTO: Characterisation of the Taxonomic and Functional Diversity of Bacterial Communities Isolated from Heartwood and Sapwood of Decaying Oak Report
  • FOREST-TRIP: Forestry Policies Design for under Climate Change: Improving Time and Risk Preferences Measures Report
  • FORMES: Efficient Forest Management Strategies for Ecosystem Service Provision Report
  • L4REX: Looking for Phanerochaete chrysosporium Mutants Resistant to Extractives
  • MYCORWEAT: Experimental Characterization and Quantification of the Contribution of Biological Weathering from Mycorrhizal Fungi to Tree Nutrition by Isotopic Dilution Report
AAP 2018
  • BENCHAFOR: Benchmarking Applied to Forest Cockchafer Ecology to Ensure Regeneration in a Context of Forest Health Crises Report
  • Bioval: Bioclimatic Modelling of Steep-sided Valleys in Northeastern France Report
  • ChemXtraMat: Chemical-modified Polyphenolic Wood-extract for Eco-friendly Materials – Report
  • CHIBEE: Dendroecological Study of Cedar Forests in Mount Lebanon – Project
  • NUTRRESYM: Nutrient Signals in Forest Trees Regulating Root Growth and Ecto-mycorrhizae Symbiosis –  Report
  • PARaDIGM: Role of Poplar Defense Phytohormones in Controlling the Root MicrobiomeReport
  • SATIsFor: Characterize and Support Sustainable Adaptations in TerrItorial Forestry Systems Report
  • TreeD: Transpiration efficiency using 3D canopy structure Report
  • WaterUnWood: Free Water Migration within Unsaturated Wood Report
  • WatFluX: Understanding Water Flux in the Xylem, from Seasonal Dynamics to Long-term Variations, from Xylem Cell Maturation to Forest Ecosystems – Report
AAP 2020
  • DEP-HETRE : Study of the beech decline in the Northeastern of Franc Final report
  • GmOX : Mesophyll conductance response to oxidative stressProject
  • InFor : Impact of Information about climate change in ForestReport
  • MycorPKS : Isolation, identification, structural and functional characterization of new polyketides produced by the mycorrhizal fungus Oidiodendron maiusReport
  • NECROROOT : Deciphering molecular interactions between tree and microorganisms: characterization of an unusual necrotic activity of a Streptomyces strain on poplar roots Project
  • RSA Plasticity :Effect of localised water or mechanical constraints on root system architecture Report
  • TRAPÈZE : Effect of intra-population functional diversity on the population resilience to drought Report
  • WoodNF : Exploded wood-based nanofibers for electrospinning technology Report
  • WOODSTIC : Valorization of powders or solid wood by the development of inovative and environmentally friendly treatments by chemical modification : design of thermoplastics based on woodProject
AAP 2021
  • AC-DCC: Attribute a role to the Conserved and unassigned DCC proteinsReport
  • DroughMIC: Drought impact on the diversity, fnction and functioning of the forest microbial communities Intermediary report
  • FOREVERS: FOREsts Vulnerability to climate Evolution using Range Shifts of species Intermediary report
  • MESSYA : Mapping Ecosystem Service Supply in Conservation Areas  – Report
  • PostDroughtNUT: Effect of repeated early drought events on nutrient uptake of beech trees during the post drought period  – Project
AAP 2022
  • Aliwen : Impact of environmental and developmental conditions on wood formation dynamics of cordilleran cypress, an endemic tree species of Patagonia threatened by global change – Final report
  • BIOFOREV-PAS : Biodiversity and Forest Recreation: Economic Valuation in Protected Natural Areas in Serbia – Intermediary report
  • DECOMPOSE : DEcomposition of Litter COMPOunds for a better constrain of Soil CO2 Effluxes – Intermediary report
  • DendroEnto : Wood anatomical and isotopes markers for studying the effect of insect defoliation on carbon allocation to growth – Intermediary report
  • Detoxomics : Understanding the molecular mechanisms of fungal-bacterial-mediated detoxification of preservative treated wood – Final report
  • FLOREVER : Are long-term vegtation dynamics determined y silvicultural disturbances ? The case of the Amance forest  Rapport
  • FORRESTER : FORest commons and RESourses in the making of TERritorial transitions Final report
  • miR-2-woodex : Exploring the miRnome of the ligninolytic fungus Phanerochaete chrysosporium during wood extractive-induced stress – Final report
  • POPCC : Impact of drought and air warming in poplar in context of climate change – Project
AAP 2023
  • ADDITion: Adaptation of the pathogen Diplodia sapinea to pine hosts with contrasting tolerance to drought – Final report
  • ComBAStrep: Combination of bio-analytical approaches for necrotic activity assessment of a Streptomyces metabolite – Project
  • Dyna_me_e_t: Dynamics of methane emission from dying trees – Project
  • MoClo 4 Phanero: Production of MoClo (Molecular Cloning) vectors for the genetic transformation of Phanerochaete chrysosporium – Intermediary report
  • MoDEperiss: Monitoring spatial et déterminisme environnemental du dépérissement des résineux temperés – Intermediary report
  • ODDIE: National white oak health survey: characterizing the water balance of oak forests sampled & their initial crown condition according to recent drought events – Project
  • PEROS: Deciphering the relationships between protein persulfidation and oxidative stress – Project
  • PheVar: Phenotypic variability of forest herbaceous species along environmental gradients – Final report
  • PopSCREEN: Poplar Small Secreted Peptides Candidates REgulating Ectomycorrhizal symbiosis during Nitrate stresses – Intermediary report