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Team Ecogenomics of interactions team
Supervisors F. Martin/ Yu-Cheng DAI
Subject Comparative genomics of ectomycorrhizal symbionts and wood decayers
Period March-May, 2019
Name MARTIN Xavier
Team Ecogenomics of interactions
Supervisors F. Fracchia / C. Veneault-Fourrey
Subject Impact of ethylene on poplar root colonization by its microbiome
Type of study Master1 Intership
Period April-June, 2019
Name GORSE Mathilde
Team Ecology of forest pathogenic fungi
Supervisors F. Halkett / C. Louet
Subject Genetic determinism of the vir7 candidate locus in poplar rust: SNP, deletion or both?
Type of study Master 1 internship (BIP / AgroParisTech)
Period April-June, 2019
Name DEVEZE Théo
Team Ecogenomics of interactions
Supervisor C. Veneault-Fourrey
Subject Poplar root colonisation by different fungal endophytes
Type of study Master 1 Internship
Period April-June, 2019
Name YUAN Yuan
Team Ecogenomics of interactions
In interaction with F. Martin
Subject Dealing with the comparative genomics of Auriculariceae, focusing on secondary metabolism
Typ of visit Assistant Professor coming from Beijing Forestry University (BFU)
Period March – June, 2019
Name JESSU Amélie
Team Ecogenomics of interactionstd>
Supervisor S. Uroz
Subject Identification of the genes involved in the chitinolytic activity of a mycorrhizosphere bacterial strain
Type of study Master 1 (Master Microbiologie de Nancy)
Period April-May, 2019
Name MARBEHAN Xavier
Team Stress response and redox regulation
Supervisors B. Selles and J. Couturier
Subject Biochemical characterization of plant sulfurtransferase
Type of study M1 Internship
Period April – May, 2019
Name BIEGEL Gilles
Team Stress response and redox regulation
Supervisor T. Dhalleine
Subject Laboratory technician internship
Type of study Level IV control laboratory technician qualification (continuing professional development) – EPLE and for agricultural vocational training ( CFPPA – Nancy-Pixéricourt)
Period January-May, 2019
Team Ecogenomics of interactionstd>
Supervisors C. Bonnot / F. Martin
Subject Détermination du rôle du statut nutritif du champignon basidiomycète Laccaria bicolor dans l’établissement de la symbiose ecto-mycorhizienne (ECM) chez le Peuplier (Populus X canescens)
Type of study Master 1
Period April-May, 2019
Team Ecogenomics of interactions
Supervisor S. Duplessis
Subject Développement d’une méthode d’extinction d’expression génique par injection d’ARN interférents chez le champignon Melampsora larici-populina.)
Type of study Master 1
Period April-May, 2019