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  • 12/05/23, 13h30, (Conference room, building A, INRAE): Elsa Hilaire, ” Fungal necromass degradation in forest soil “
  • 11/05/23, 12h30, (University of Lorraine): Clemence Marchal, “Pikobodies: towards made-to-order plant immune receptors?.”
  • 05/05/23, 13h30, Meeting room ( (Conference room, building A, INRAE): Gang Tao , “Phylogeny and evolution of comparative mitogenomes from three groups of Morchella species”
  • 14/04/23, 13h30, (Conference room, building A, INRAE): Jose Eduardo Marqués-Galvez, “Title to come” Lien Zoom/ Zoom Link:
  • 13/04/23, 11h00,  (Conference room, building A, INRAE): Lionel Hertzog, «Monitoring des impacts du changement climatique sur les forêts françaises»,  In FRENCH ONLY Pas de lien zoom/ No zoom link.06/04/23, 14h00, 10eme Séminaire Forêts, Climat et Société (salle Jacamon 1 à Agroparistech Nancy): Richard Fournier, «Acquis et perspectives de l’utilisation du lidar en foresterie»  In FRENCH ONLY Lien Zoom/ Zoom Link:
  • ​04/04/23, 14h00, 9eme Séminaire Forêts, Climat et Société (salle Jacamon 1 à Agroparistech Nancy): Meriem Fournier, « Bioéconomie et forêt, quelles questions pour nos recherches ? »  In FRENCH ONLY Lien Zoom/ Zoom Link:
  • 03/04/23, 13h30, (Conference room, building A, INRAE): Christophe Jacob, “Genetic engineering of microorganisms”
  • 31/03/23, 13h30, Meeting room building K/LEGF (INRAE) :Feng Zhang, “Functional characterization of the nitrogen assimilation pathways in the Laccaria-Populus ectomycorrhizal interaction.”
  • 29/03/23, 10h00, Agroparistech Nancy : Le huitième séminaire Foret, Climat et Société (LabEx ARBRE) accueillera: / The 8th Forest, Climate and society seminar (LabEx ARBRE) will host:​ Lien Zoom/ Zoom link:
  • 23/03/23, 12h30, (University of Lorraine): Natacha DONNEY, “XXX”
  • 10/03/23, 13h30, Meeting room building K/LEGF (INRAE): Jared Leboldus, “Growth and defense tradeoffs in polar trees mediated by cultivar wax composition”
  • 07/03/23, 13h30, Meeting room building K/LEGF (INRAE): Ben Lemmond, “New Worlds, New Truffles: Ecology and Systematics of North American Morchellaceae Truffles”
  • 03/03/2023, 13h30, Meeting room building K/LEGF (CHAMPENOUX) Gregory Bonito, “Mortierellaceae Symbiosis with Bacteria and Photosymbionts”
  • 10/02/23, 13h30, Conference room building A (INRAE): Ammar Abdalrahem, “From the Nile to the Rhine: Discovering the Microscopic World”
  • 09/02/23, 12h30, (University of Lorraine): Yanis Aoudache, “Use of synthetical biology for mitochondrial hydrogen production in microalgae”
  • 03/02/23, 13h30, LEGF (INRAE): Emma Corre, “RusTE a junk DNA story in some fungi”
  • 02/02/23, 13h30, Redox Team (UL): Benjamin Petre t , “Multifunctional defense peptides in plants : characterization & valorization​” (VANDOEUVRE)
  • 27/01/23, 13h30, Meeting room building K/LEGF (INRAE): Clémence Bonnot , “What are the roles of Small Secreted Peptides in regulating ECM symbiosis in response to biotic and abiotic nutritional signals in trees?” (CHAMPENOUX)
  • 13/01/23, 13h30, Meeting room building K/LEGF (INRAE): LingLing Xu , “The symbiotic mechanism between orchid and its mycorrhizal fungi, and continuous cropping obstacles in morel industry in China”(CHAMPENOUX)
  • 06/01/23, 13h30, Meeting room building K/LEGF (INRAE): Joske Ruytinx, “Stress tolerance in mycorrhizal fungi”
  • Meeting room (INRAE): Joske Ruytinx, “Stress tolerance in mycorrhizal fungi”

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