Last students and visitors arrived

Name SAUBIN Méline
 Méline Saubin
Team Ecology of forest pathogenic fungi
Supervisors F. Halkett / S. De Mita
Subject Evolutionary dynamics of virulence spread: effect of life cycle, genetic determinism and host resistance deployment
Type of study Master 2 internship (BEE / AgroParisTech)
Period February-July, 2019
Name BLOCK Jonathan
 Jonathan Block
Team Ecogenomics of interactions
Supervisors C. Veneault-Fourrey / V. Basso
Subject Phenotyping of poplar transgenic lines with altered jasmonate response in the context of the ectomycorrhizal symbiosis
Type of study Master 2 Student Université de Bourgogne
Period January to July, 2019
Name NOËL Delphine
 Delphine Noël
Team Stress response and redox regulation
Supervisor R.Sormani
Subject Master’s programme in Plant and Forest Biotechnology
Type of study Master ( Dept Plant and Physiology), Coming from UMEÅ University (Sweden)
Period January to June, 2019
Name SCHMID Claire
 Claire Schmid
Team Tous Chercheurs
Supervisors Jonas DURAND and Laure BOURNEZ (ANSES)
Subject Human exposition to ticks and their pathogens during orienteering in the east of France
Type of study 2nd year of Msc in Ecology, Biodiversity and Evolution in Sorbonne University
Period February to July, 2019
Name CABON Miroslav
 Miroslav Cabon
Team Ecogenomics of interactions
In interaction with F. Martin & A. Kohler
Subject Comparative genomics of an ecologically-important group of grassland fungi
Type of visit Postdoctoral research stay, coming from: Institute of Botany, Plant Science and Biodiversity Centre, Slovak Academy of Sciences, Bratislava –
Period February to March, 2019
 Emilie Da Silva Machado
Team Ecogenomics of interactions
Supervisor F. Martin
Subject Regulation of the expression of the symbiotic effector MiSSP7 in the ectomycorrhizal fungus Laccaria bicolor
Type of study Master 2 : Sciences du vivant – Parcours plantes, biologie moléculaire et biotechnologie, University of Strasbourg
Period January to June, 2019
Name CLAUDIEN Kévin  Kevin Claudien
Team Stress response and redox regulation
Supervisor N. Rouhier
Subject Biocatalyseurs microbiens pour la décontamination de bois traités
Type of study Master 2 microbiology
Period January to July, 2019