Newcomers: J. Prieto and J. Bailly

Name PRIETO Jorge
 Jorge Prieto
Team Ecogenomics of interactions team
In interaction with Marc Buée, in collaboration with Ana Rincón (ICA-CSIC, Madrid) and Concepción Azcón-Aguilar (EEZ-CSIC, Granada)
Subject High-throughput analysis of ectomycorrhizal fungal communities in forest soils from Central and Southeastern Spain
Type of study PhD student, coming from Spanish Council for Scientific Research (CSIC)
Period April-June, 2018
Name BAILLY Justine
 Justine Bailly
Team Ecogenomics
Supervisors V. Basso/ C. Veneault-Fourrey
Subject Role of Laccaria MiSSP7 in the poplar JAZ protein complex
Type of study Internship, Master 1 Microbiology
Period April-June, 2018