ARBRE Conference — André Chanzy

EN André Chanzy

AnaEE-France: an infrastructure for experimentation on continental ecosystems examines the sustainability of biological resources and ecological services

AnaEE-France (Analysis and Experimentation on Ecosystems) is a national research infrastructure for the study of continental ecosystems and their biodiversity. In a single integrated network it provides all the tools required to study, understand and model biological systems and conduct innovative biological research on gene-environment interactions, biodiversity and the functioning of ecosystems. The infrastructure includes an Internet platform used to manage access to these facilities, share databases and house modeling tools. These digital tools offer services that can be used to simulate scenarios and are an effective means of transferring scientific results to the socio-economic sector. By bringing together experimental ecosystem research facilities, state-of-the-art in silico analytical platforms and modeling tools, and coordinating these facilities in a shared, and common direction while developing new tools and methods, this pan-European project promises to play a key role in improving European research on continental ecosystems.

Dr. André Chanzy, Research Director of the EMMAH Unit at the INRA PACA Research Center in Avignon and a coordinator for AnaEE-France, will present this infrastructure on Monday, June 27 at 13h15 in the main conference room at the INRA Center in Champenoux.

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