ARBRE Presentation — All Researchers in Lorraine

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Come discover the “All researchers in Lorraine” project

Since its launch, LabEx ARBRE has committed to supporting projects aimed at developing training and dissemination to non-scientific audiences and promoting participatory research. On June 24, Pascale Frey-Klett and Annick Brun-Jacob (from the IAM research unit) will present an overview of one such project which perfectly illustrates this theme :

“All Researchers in Lorraine – from education to participatory scientific research”
Friday, 24 June — 13h30
INRA, Champenoux — main conference room


tous chercheurs lorraineFocus on Lorraine

The Tous Chercheurs project aims to establish research laboratories in Lorraine specifically designed for hosting middle school students and high school students for on-site visits of research centers, ultimately to introduce them to the scientific process through active participation. Tous Chercheurs (first launched 12 years ago in Marseille by Constance Hammond, Research Director at INSERM) is a multi-partner project between the University of Lorraine, INRA, the Laboratory of Excellence “ARBRE”, the Vigie de l’eau association and the Rectorate of the Grand-Est educational district. The project is specifically designed to offer support for integrating the investigative approach into science education and establishing continuity between high school and university level coursework. A parallel objective is to make ongoing research more accessible for non-specialist audiences (professionals, the general public, associations) by strengthening links between society and the scientific community. The research work experience program is supervised by PhD students and postdoctoral fellows who receive special training in the “All Researchers” educational approach. For doctoral students, this training is part of a transversal module offered by the University of Lorraine in partnership with INRA. A large part of the project’s success has been that it offers these students valuable teaching experience and the opportunity to reflect on their own careers in science.