ARBRE Conference — Frank Wätzold

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Dr. Frank Wätzold

Friday, 1 July 2016
11h00 — Main conference room, INRA (Champenoux)


Prof. Dr. Frank Wätzold is the Head of the Chair of Environmental Economics at Brandenburg University of Technology (Cottbus-Senftenberg, Germany) where
research is focused on applying economic knowledge to problems related to environmental and resource management, in particular to the preservation of ecosystem services and biodiversity conservation. Dr. Wätzold will present a conference entitled :

A Novel, Spaciotemporally Explicit Ecological-Economic Modeling Procedure for the Design of Cost-Effective Agri-Environment Schemes to Conserve Biodiversity

Abstract :

Agri-environment schemes (AES) compensate farmers for land use measures that are costly to them but beneficial to biodiversity and the environment. We present an ecological-economic modeling procedure for the design of cost-effective AES to conserve grassland biodiversity, which is applicable to large areas, covers many endangered species and grassland types, and includes several hundred different types of mowing regimes, grazing regimes, and combinations of mowing and grazing regimes as land use measures. The modeling procedure also accounts for the spatial variations in the land use measures’ costs and in the effects on species and grassland types. The procedure’s main novelty is that it considers variations of the costs and impacts on species and grassland types that arise from different timings of the land use measures. Considering the spatial and the temporal dimension of land use measures makes the modeling procedure spatiotemporally explicit. We demonstrate the power of the modeling procedure by evaluating an existing grassland AES in Saxony, Germany, and identify substantial improvements in terms of cost-effectiveness.