25th to 27th April, 2017 – BioAsie Program Meeting

BioAsie Program Meeting

‘Extraction, characterization and optimization

of bio-molécules from by-products of the Asian timber’

25th to 27th April, 2017

Université de Lorraine, Nancy, France

Faculté des Sciences et Technologie,
Salle de réunion du LERMAB,
entrée 4A, 3eme étage

25th April, 2017 – 10.00 am :

Rita K Sari : In vitro antioxidant and physical proporties of tropical cream formulations containing a combination of Acacia mangium, Toona sinensis, and Centella asiatica leaf extracts Abstract


25th April, 2017 – 11.00 am :

Associate Professor Dr. Rozi Mohamed : Domestication of the endangered Aquilaria tree species in Malaysia for Agarwood production Abstract


26th April, 2017 – 10.00 am :

Phila Raharivelomanana : Endemic tree species extracts assessment from Marquesan pharmacopoeia and pharmacopoeia Abstract


26th April, 2017 – 11.00 am :

Wasrin Syafii and Rita Kartika Sari : Bio-activities of extractives from tropical hardwoods Abstract