Claude Husson

claude H

Claude Husson, ingénieur d’études, INRA Nancy

Research interests

I am interested in epidemiology of fungal forest pathogens in a context of global change, especially in the cause of emerging diseases.The studied pathosystems are Phytophthora alni / alder and Chalara fraxinea / ash. My objectives are to (i) detect and characterize emerging fungal pathogens (morphological and molecular characterization), (ii) identify the factors that affect the spatio-temporal dynamics of the pathogen and its survival, (iii) assess the impact of pathogens on host populations (disease incidence, selection pressure). My activities include design and use of molecular methods for species-specific detection and quantitation of pathogens in soil, air and plant material by using real-time PCR assays, monitoring of disease in natural ecosystems and testing host susceptibility.



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