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e-mail: annegret.kohler@inra.fr

I received my Ph.D. in plant physiology from the University of Kaiserslautern, Germany, in 1996. During my postdoctoral research, I was first interested in benzothiadiazole-induced priming in Arabidopsis spp. and the priming activity of oligosaccharides from marine algae. I started to work on ectomycorrhizal interactions in 2000. Since 2006, I’m research engineer at the French National Institute for Agricultural Research (INRA) in Nancy, France and responsable for the ecogenomics platform. My research interests mainly focus on comparative genomics and transcriptomics of mycorrhizal interactions to understand their evolution and function.


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Selected Publications:

Unearthing the roots of ectomycorrhizal symbioses F Martin, A Kohler, C Murat, C Veneault-Fourrey, DS Hibbett Nature Reviews Microbiology

Ectomycorrhizal ecology is imprinted in the genome of the dominant symbiotic fungus Cenococcum geophilum M Peter, A Kohler, RA Ohm, A Kuo, J Krützmann, E Morin, M Arend, … Nature Communications 7, 12662

Convergent losses of decay mechanisms and rapid turnover of symbiosis genes in mycorrhizal mutualists A Kohler, A Kuo, LG Nagy, E Morin, KW Barry, F Buscot, B Canbäck, …Nature Genetics

Comparative genomics, proteomics and transcriptomics give new insight into the exoproteome of the basidiomycete Hebeloma cylindrosporum and its involvement in ectomycorrhizal symbiosis J Doré, M Perraud, C Dieryckx, A Kohler, E Morin, B Henrissat, …New Phytologist

The effect of elevated carbon dioxide on the interaction between Eucalyptus grandis and diverse isolates of Pisolithus sp. is associated with a complex shift in the root transcriptome JM Plett, A Kohler, A Khachane, K Keniry, KL Plett, F Martin, IC Anderson. New Phytologist

The mutualist Laccaria bicolor expresses a core gene regulon during the colonization of diverse host plants and a variable regulon to counteract host-specific defenses JM Plett, E Tisserant, A Brun, E Morin, IV Grigoriev, A Kuo, FM Martin, … Molecular Plant-Microbe Interactions

Effector MiSSP7 of the mutualistic fungus Laccaria bicolor stabilizes the Populus JAZ6 protein and represses jasmonic acid (JA) responsive genes. JM Plett, Y Daguerre, S Wittulsky, A Vayssières, A Deveau, SJ Melton, …Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences,

The genome of an arbuscular mycorrhizal fungus provides insights into the oldest plant symbiosis. E Tisserant, M Malbreil, A Kuo, A Kohler, et al. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences

Laser microdissection and microarray analysis of Tuber melanosporum ectomycorrhizas reveal functional heterogeneity between mantle and Hartig net compartments. Stéphane Hacquard, Emilie Tisserant, Annick Brun, Valérie Legué, Francis Martin, Annegret Kohler.  Environmental Microbiology

The transcriptome of the arbuscular mycorrhizal fungus Glomus intraradices (DAOM 197198) reveals functional tradeoffs in an obligate symbiont. E Tisserant, A Kohler, P Dozolme‐Seddas, R Balestrini, K Benabdellah, A … New Phytologist 193 (3), 755-769

The genome of Laccaria bicolor provides insights into mycorrhizal symbiosis. Nature. Martin F, Aerts A, Ahrén D, Brun A, Danchin EG, Duchaussoy F, Gibon J, Kohler A, Lindquist E, Pereda V, Salamov A, Shapiro HJ, Wuyts J et al. 2008.Mar 6;452(7183):88-92

Genome-wide identification of NBS resistance genes in Populus trichocarpa Kohler A, Rinaldi C, Duplessis S, Baucher M, Geelen D, Duchaussoy F, Meyers BC, Boerjan W, Martin F 2008 Plant Mol Biol. Apr;66(6):619-36

The genome of black cottonwood, Populus trichocarpa (Torr. & Gray). Tuskan GA et al.. 2006.Science. 313(5793):1596-604.

Poplar Metal Tolerance Protein 1 confers  zinc tolerance and is an oligomeric vacuolar zinc transporter with an essential leucine zipper motif. D. Blaudez, A. KOHLER, F. Martin, D. Sanders et M. Chalot. 2003.The Plant Cell 15 : 2911-2928