Veneault-Fourrey Claire

Bio: I received my Ph.D in Plant Pathology from Paris XI-Orsay University in 2004. I worked on deciphering, at the molecular level, the early stages of the interaction between the common bean and the fungus causing anthracnose disease (Colletotrichum lindemuthianum). I then spent 3 years as a post-doctoral fellow at Exeter (UK) in Nick Talbot’s lab investigating cell cycle and autophagy processes in fungal pathogenicity (Magnaporthe oryzae – rice). I joined the research unit at Nancy in September 2006 as a lecturer (assistant-professor). I became an INRA Research Director in 2019.

Research :After several years working with “bad” fungi, I decided to move on beneficial plant-microbe interactions and especially to study ectomycorrhizal fungi. I joined the team when genomic resources for poplar (Populus trichocarpa) and its associated microbes became available: Laccaria bicolor as a model for ectomycorrhiza fungi (symbiotic fungus) and Melampsora larici-populina as a model for rust fungi (pathogenic fungi). I first spent two years dealing with these genomic resources with a special interest in fungal transporters that may be involved in both types of interactions.

With a strong background as a molecular plant pathologist and experience in molecular biology and fungal biology, my research is now devoted to understanding the molecular bases of mutualistic interactions between plants and microbes using Populus-Laccaria model. My aim is to decipher this molecular dialogue with a special interest in the role(s) of fungal small secreted proteins (effectors) and plant hormones.

I also develop collaborative projects to comprehend (i) whether phytohormones are key regulators of the root microbiome of poplar trees, (ii) the function(s) of fungal root endophytes and (iii) whether abiotic stresses impaired mutualistic fungi-root interactions.

Collaborations: Oak Ridge National Laboratory (in the frame of the plant-microbes interfaces project; Duke Univ. (Rytas Vilgalys’slab); Umea Plant Science Center (Judith Felten’s lab; LABEX ARBRE- SILVA (Marie-Noelle Vaultier, Irène Hummel, Marie-Béatrice Bogeat Triboulot) and many others ..;

Teaching: Master of Science (MSc) Mycology, Plant-Microbes Interactions


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