EFI 20 Years Science and Policy Forum

EFI 20 Years Science and Policy Forum to be held in Nancy, France on 23–27 September 2013: ‘Our forests in the 21st century – ready for risks and opportunities?’

Also, the website of the EFI 20th Anniversary has been opened at: http://www.efi.int/portal/efi20years/

In addition to the website on the EFI 2013 Annual Conference, you can also find information on the EFI 20th Anniversary Photo Contest, celebrating the beauty and unique character of your favourite forests. More information on the photo contest is available at: http://www.efi.int/portal/efi20years/photo_contest/

I would kindly encourage you to get acquainted with the EFI 20th Anniversary website before the registration to the Annual Conference opens in late April. And while waiting for the registration to open, you have a great opportunity to start entering the first of your best photos on your favourite forests.