Science, precautionary principles, place of the future

Francis Martin, Director of LabEx ARBRE and researcher with the IAM unit, participated recently in a meeting with the President of the Republic and the Ministers in charge of research and ecology. The meeting was entitled “Science, precautionary principles, place of the future”.

At a luncheon, five researchers were invited to give their views on the consequences of the application of the principle of precaution on scientific activities in different fields: biology, genetic, ecology, climate change and nuclear physics. Exchanges were designed to support the reflection of the Executive office on the implementation of this principle written into law February 2, 1995.

Joining Francis Martin were guests Edouard Brézin (physicist, president of the Academy of Sciences), Gilles Bœuf (biologist, president of the national Museum of natural history), Jean Jouzel (climatologist, Chairman of the High Council on science and technology) and Eva Pebay-Peyroula (biologist, former President of the ANR). The Ministers in charge of higher education and research (Geneviève Fioraso) and ecology (Philippe Martin) also attended the meeting which took place on Tuesday, August 20 at the Elysee.