Séminaire : “Ozone and CO2 sensing mechanisms in guard cells” – 26/06/23

Un séminaire : “Ozone and CO2 sensing mechanisms in guard cells” animé par le Professeur Hannes Kollist de Plant Signal Research Group, Institute of Technology, University of Tartu aura lieu le lundi 26 juin à 13h30 à INRAE Champenoux en salle de conférences.

Hannes Kollist is passionate about cellular signaling systems recruited in plant-environment interactions. During his work, he has learned how to understand complex biological systems and then to use this information to innovate plant form and function. Currently, he is working on two topics, how to improve plant water use efficiency and development of a plant gas exchange platforms to boost plant biology research by creating value-added products or services

Lien pour suivre le séminaire en visio :

Contact : yves.jolivet@univ-lorraine.fr