Séminaire LabEx ARBRE WP2 “Indirect impacts of wildfires on ecosystem carbon fluxes” 15/12/22

Animé par Bruna Oliveira (Université d’Aveiro – Portugal).
“Wildfire regimes have intensified in many regions across the globe due to changes in land cover/use and climate conditions more propitious to wildfires. Larger, more frequent, and more severe wildfires are an important threat to the accomplishment of G13 of UN’s Agenda 2030, by reducing the carbon sink potential of forests and offset future GHG emissions. Also, the UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration and associated G13 and G15 highlight the urgent need to restore degraded ecosystems, in fire-prone regions, fostering their resilience and enhancing their carbon sequestration potential”.
Le séminaire aura lieu le 15 décembre à 11h en salle de conférence sur le Centre INRAE Grand Est – Nancy

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