Progress in biomass torrefaction

Since 2016, the WOOTHOC team of the Wood Sciences Laboratory (LERMAB), University of Lorraine, collaborates with Pr. Wei-Hsin CHEN, a highly cited researcher from the “National Cheng Kung University” in Taiwan. This collaboration have been strongly supported by the Labex ARBRE through a mobility grant to Prof. CHEN, a Ph.D. scholarship to Bo-Jhih LIN and International Master grant to Yu-Ying LIN. This fruitful collaboration led to high quality publications, including:

– A joint publication in the prestigious journal Progress in Energy and Combustion Science (Impact Factor 29) : W-H Chen, B-J Lin, Y-Y Lin, Y-S Chu, A Ubando, P Loke Show, O H Chyuan, J-S Chang, S-H Ho, A Culaba, A Pétrissans, M Pétrissans. Progress in biomass torrefaction: Principles, applications and challenges. Progress in Energy and Combustion Science, in press and

– the ‘Applied Energy 2019 Highly Cited Research Paper Award’ to : Safar M., Lin B.-J., Chen W.-H., Langauer D., Chang J.-S., Raclavska H., Pétrissans A., Rousset P., Pétrissans M. (2019) Catalytic effects of potassium on biomass pyrolysis, combustion and torrefaction. Applied Energy 235.