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Développement d’outils partagés pour la sylviculture de pin d’Alep de qualité

PI : Eric Lacombe (UMR 1092 Laboratoire d’Etude des Ressources Forêts-Bois — LERFOB)

Co-applicants : UMR 356 INRA-AgroParisTech Laboratoire d’Economie Forestière –LEF

Collaboration : Bureau d’études forestier Alcina


Context —  In France, Allepo pine (Pinus halepensis Mill.) covers about 232 000 ha (18% of the area in the French Mediterranean forest), mainly on private-owned lands (82%). The management of these stands remains somewhat extensive but this context is about to change with the construction of new power plants designed to produce electricity from biomass in the PACA region as well as the ongoing certification of Allepo pine wood for construction. Although these initiatives should eventually favour the harvesting of this species, private land owners are still doubtful about the management of this species which is often based on clearcutting.

Objectives — This project aims at improving existing simulation tools that were designed in a research context in order to test different management scenarios for even-aged stands of Allepo pine. Among others, the simulations will be compared with economical indicators and expert’s judgements.

Methods and expected results –

  • A new growth model was developed at the end of 2016 by Fortin M.
  • The model, which was implemented in the CAPSIS platform, is currently used by AgroParisTech students in order to run a financial analysis of different management strategies designed by the consultants of ALCINA.
  • The objectives are (i) to compare the results of growth projections to the characteristics of real-world stands that were monitored by ALCINA, (ii) to refit the model if need be, and (iii) to make the model available for forest managers on AgroParisTech’s teaching platform « Cours en ligne ».
  • An improvement of the teaching and decision-support tools according to user’s feedbacks.
  • – In the end, a multi-criteria decision-support tool for management strategies will be available and will be presented in a seminar to be held in the Mediterranean region in 2018.

To be outlined — Some milestones of this projects imply undergraduate students at AgroParisTech. Through their projects, the students will contribute to the originality of this project.