To promote dissemination of our activities through the use of video : an organizational prototype to promote training within the master FAGE program

PI : Meriem Fournier (UMR 1092 Laboratoire d’Etude des Ressources Forêts-Bois – LERFOB)

Co-applicants :
All mixed research units within LABEX ARBRE


Context — The systematic production of videos has become a standard for dissemination and training actions. Currently, our video productions are outsourced either to professionals with added help from media and communications departments within our institutions, or are produced  in-house by individuals volunteering their personal know-how and experience.

Objectives — The VODEOFAGE project proposes to intensify the production and online diffusion of educational videos about our activities with the support of the communications department at the INRA Nancy-Lorraine Center and specific involvement by Corinne Martin (Training and Research Unit FAM, LERFOB, AgroParis Tech, Nancy).  The objective is less about producing highly professional videos but instead aims to initiate a communication culture (using video production) for professor-researchers and researchers by providing them with the necessary tools and organizational support.

Approach — The project makes available to users equipment, training opportunities and production support. It provides promotional actions for the videos within the framework of educational activities by organizing teams by projects made up of applicants as producers / directors (those who want to shoot their own activities or can contribute knowledge to the production process by training others), by resource guides (professionals or those with established experience) who then pass on their expertise (filming and editing), and content managers (Corinne Martin and Yves Bernardi). The filmed videos are then logged into a reperatoire by the associated project which also advises on the means of diffusion and publicity (online access via website platforms). The structure of educational team and activities within the master FAGE program both serve as open-approach models for other intitiatives.

Expected results and impacts — Availability of more quality videos produced by scientific and technical personnel. Improved diffusion of our knowledge and expertise.