NFZ Summer School on Mixed Forest Ecosystems

PI : Damien Bonal, Nicolas Marron (UMR 1137 Ecologie et Ecophysiologie Forestières – EEF)

LabEx parteners : C. Collet (LERFOB), L. Saint-André (BEF)

Collaboration : D. Epron, J.M. Guehl (EEF), I. Barbeito (Lerfob), E. Dreyer (INRA Nancy)


Context — Mixed forests and plantations have the potential, when compared to monocultures, (i) to show improved productivity, soil fertility, nutrient cycling, and carbon sequestration, (ii) to reduce hazards due to pests and diseases, and (iii) to exhibit greater biodiversity. However, the relationships between species diversity and ecosystem functioning is still largely debated.

Objectives — The objective of the project is to organize the Tenth Summer School of the network Nancy – Freiburg – Zurich (NFZ) in August 2014 in Nancy on the topic of “Interaction between species in mixed forest ecosystems (MIXFOR)”.

Approach — Inra and Lorraine University will host about twenty students to which German, Swiss and French scientists working on this theme will present concepts on the management of mixed forests and illustrations from their own research work. MIXFOR will be introduced by a presentation of the general context of mixed forest and reminders in ecophysiology and functional ecology. The mechanisms involved in the interactions between trees and their impact on the functioning of the ecosystem, and how to model it, will then be discussed.

Expected results and impacts — MIXFOR will complement consistently the forest doctoral training offer proposed in Lorraine, including notably SIFER and EFICENT. In addition, it will be a unique place to exchange among young researchers and more experienced researchers studying mixed forest ecosystems in Europe.