Publications ARBRE 2019

Sélection de publications du LabEx ARBRE dans des revues internationales :

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  • Irulappa-Pillai-Vijayakumar, D.B., Renaud, J.P., Morneau, F., Mcroberts, R.E., and Vega, C. (2019). Increasing Precision for French Forest Inventory Estimates using the k-NN Technique with Optical and Photogrammetric Data and Model-Assisted Estimators. Remote Sensing doi: 10.3390/rs11080991.
  • Lin, B.J., Silveira, E.A., Colin, B., Chen, W.H., Lin, Y.Y., Leconte, F., Petrissans, A., Rousset, P., and Petrissans, M. (2019). Modeling and prediction of devolatilization and elemental composition of wood during mild pyrolysis in a pilot-scale reactor. Industrial Crops and Products 131, 357-370.
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  • Mubarok, M., Dumarcay, S., Militz, H., Candelier, K., Thevenon, M.F., and Gerardin, P. (2019). Non-biocide antifungal and anti-termite wood preservation treatments based on combinations of thermal modification with different chemical additives. European Journal of Wood and Wood Products 77, 1125-1136.