Résultats de l’appel à projets 2018



Pour ce septième appel à projet, 34 projets ont été déposés :

  • 15 projets innovants-recherche
  • 16 projets incitatifs-recherche
  • 1 projet incitatif-valorisation
  • 2 projets incitatifs-formation/dissémination.

Suite à l’évaluation par des experts internationaux et par les membres du bureau exécutif du LabEx ARBRE, 19 projets ont été retenus :

7 projets innovants-recherche 

  • BRAWO : Fate of lignin altered by Brown Rot And White rOt fungi
  • GeMM : Genomic, Microbiological and Geochemical Characterization of Mineralosphere
  • NanoSteamEx : Production of microfibrillated cellulose by a steam explosion process
  • SULPRO : Developing new optogenetic redox biosensors for sulfur compounds
  • OZMYC : Impact of abiotic stress (Ozone, drought) on ectoMYCorrhizal symbiosis and role of ectomycorrhization on tree responses
  • GENTRHI : Interplay between lateral gene transfer in bacteria and rhizosphere functioning
  • BEETWIND : Acclimation of Beech Trees to change in wind mechanical stress following thinning

10 projets incitatifs-recherche

  • WaterUnWood : Free Water migration within Unsaturated Wood
  • TreeD : Transpiration efficiency using 3D canopy structure
  • SATIsFor : Characterize and support Sustainable Adaptations in TerrItorial Forestry systems
  • BENCHAFOR : BENchmarking applied to FORest cockCHAfor ecology to ensure regeneration in a context of forest health crises
  • PARaDIGM : Role of Poplar defense phytohormones in controlling the root microbiome
  • NUTRRESYM : NUtrient signals in forest Trees Regulating Root growth and Ecto-mycorrhizae SYMbiosis
  • CHIBEE : Dendroecological Study of Cedar Forests in Mount Lebanon
  • WatFluX : Understanding water flux in the xylem, from seasonal dynamics to long-term variations, from xylem cell maturation to forest ecosystems
  • Bioval : Bioclimatic modelling of steep-sided valleys in northeastern France
  • ChemXtraMat : Chemical-modified polyphenolic wood-extract for eco-friendly materials

1 projet incitatif-valorisation 

  • LowCostLogger : Development of a low cost dater logger for measurement of soil water potential: optimizing water regime in truffle orchards.

1 projet incitatif-formation/dissémination

  • expoTIQUES : Exposition itinérante TIQUES : s’informer, se protéger