ITS PCR-products of amplified ITS-region (primers ITS1/ITS4)
HB investigator Herbert Boyle, State Museum of Natural History Goerlitz, D-02806 Goerlitz, Germany

Naucoria sp., Naucoria luteolofibrillosa (Kühn.) Kühn.& Romagn.
(syn. Alnicola luteolofibrillosa Kühn.), Naucoria striatula P.D. Orton (syn. Alnicola paludosa (Peck) Singer), Naucoria bohemica Vel. (syn. Alnicola bohemica (Vel.) Kühn. & Maire apud Romagn.), Naucoria subconspersa Kuehn. (syn. Alnicola subconspersa (Kuehn. es Orton) Moser), Naucoria escharoides (Fr. ex Fr.) Kummer (syn. Alnicola melinoides (Bull.: Fr.) Kuehn.).

Arrangement of probes
Lane 1, lane 13 molecular weight standard HaeIII digested X174 DNA; lane 2 Naucoria luteolofibrillosa; lane 3 Naucoria striatula; lane 4 blank; lane 5 Naucoria bohemica; lane 6 Naucoria subconspersa Cat309; lane 7 N. subconspersa RID610; lane 8 blank; lane 9 negative control; lane 10 Naucoria escharoides LH259; lane 11 N. escharoides Cat309; lane 12 Naucoria sp. Cat1312.

Abbreviations for locations of sampling:
Cat: experimental plot 30 km south of Kiel
LH: Lammer Holz, Braunschweig, geographically distant from the experimental plot
RID: Riddagshausen Braunschweig, geographically distant from the experimental plot