ITS PCR-products of amplified ITS-region (primers ITS1/ITS4)
KP investigator Karin Pritsch, Institute of Soil Biology, Federal Agricultural Research Centre, Bundesallee 50, D-38116 Braunschweig, Germany

Paxillus rubicundulus P.D. Orton
(syn. P. filamentosus Fr.), Alnirhiza violacea (unidentified mycorrhizal type), Russula pumila Rouzeau & Mazart, Russula claroflava Grove, Alnirhiza cremicolor (unidentified mycorrhizal type)

Arrangement of probes
Lane 1, lane 14 molecular weight standard HaeIII digested X174 DNA; lane 2 Paxillus rubicundulus sporocarp; lane 3, lane 4 Alnirhiza violacea mycorrhiza; lane 5 Russula pumila sporocarp; lane 6, lane 7, lane 8, lane 9 Russula pumila mycorrhizas; lane 10, lane 11 Russula claroflava sporocarps ; lane 12, lane 13 Alnirhiza cremicolor mycorrhiza.