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Gene Name: GSTUMT00006412001
Length(AA) : 388
Localization : scaffold_26
Number of EST contigs matching the gene: 7
Number of ESTs : 22
  User annotation : No user annotation

Blast Results:

Nr Definition: hypothetical protein CIMG_08141
Specie: [Coccidioides immitis RS]
Accession: ref|XP_001240978.1| Score: 982 E_value: 1e-104
KEGG Definition: hypothetical protein
Accession: ncr:NCU07673.1 Score: 949 E_value: 1e-101
KOG Definition: Cobalamin synthesis protein
Classification: [Coenzyme transport and metabolism].
Kog Number: KOG2743 Score: 805 E_value: 2e-86
PFAM Definition: cobW, CobW/HypB/UreG, nucleotide-binding domain. This domain is found in HypB, a hydrogenase expression / formation protein, and UreG a urease accessory protein. Both these proteins contain a P-loop nucleotide binding motif. HypB has GTPase activity and is a guanine nucleotide binding protein. It is not known whether UreG binds GTP or some other nucleotide. Both enzymes are involved in nickel binding. HypB can store nickel and is required for nickel dependent hydrogenase expression. UreG is required for functional incorporation of the urease nickel metallocenter. GTP hydrolysis may required by these proteins for nickel incorporation into other nickel proteins. This family of domains also contains P47K, a Pseudomonas chlororaphis protein needed for nitrile hydratase expression, and the cobW gene product, which may be involved in cobalamin biosynthesis in Pseudomonas denitrificans..
Pfam Number: pfam02492 Score: 394 E_value: 7e-39
Swissprot: Q9BRT8|CBWD1_HUMAN
Gene Ontology:
GO:0005515 = Molecular function: protein binding


SignalP 3.0 predicts the presence and location of signal peptide cleavage sites in amino acid sequences.
The method incorporates a prediction of cleavage sites and a signal peptide/non-signal peptide prediction
based on a combination of several artificial neural networks and hidden Markov models.

Neural networkHMM
Smean scoreSmean predictionSmax scoreSmax predictionD-scoreD predictionHMM prediction


TargetP 1.1 predicts the subcellular location of eukaryotic proteins. The location assignment is based on
the predicted presence of any of the N-terminal presequences: mitochondrial targeting peptide (mTP)
or secretory pathway signal peptide (SP).

Mitochondrion ScoreSecretory ScoreAny other locationLocalizationReliability classPredicted presenquence length


Prediction of transmembrane helices in proteins


ExpAA: The expected number of amino acids intransmembrane helices.
First60: The expected number of amino acids in transmembrane helices in the first 60 amino acids of the protein.
PredHel: The number of predicted transmembrane helices by N-best.
Topology: The topology predicted by N-best.


EST contigs matching with the Gene:

ContigBest BlastXE-value
Contig2865 hypothetical protein CIMG_08141 [Coccidioides immitis RS]3e-58
Contig4393 hypothetical protein FG05100.1 [Gibberella zeae PH-1]1e-42
Contig5911 hypothetical protein NCU11371 [Neurospora crassa OR74A]4e-20
Contig5987 hypothetical protein CIMG_08141 [Coccidioides immitis RS]9e-79
SY0AAC21YE17FM1 hypothetical protein FG05100.1 [Gibberella zeae PH-1]2e-39
SY0AAC21YO04FM1 hypothetical protein FG05100.1 [Gibberella zeae PH-1]9e-47
SY0AAD63YF22FM1 hypothetical protein SNOG_12576 [Phaeosphaeria nodorum SN15]1e-15

Manual Annotation:

Please find below the necessary files for GSTUMT00006412001 annotation :

link to GSTUMT00006412001 Artemis file
link to scaffold_26 sequence file
link to scaffold_26ESTs