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Contig Name: SY0AAB31YC24FM1
Length(NT) : 450
Best Gene Model Blast : Link to GSTUMT00004863001 E-value : 1e-168
Numbers of ESTs : 1

Blast Results:

Nr Definition: hypothetical protein NCU03311
Accession: ref|XP_964488.2| Score: 240 E_value: 3e-27
KEGG Definition: hypothetical protein
Accession: mgr:MGG_09885 Score: 232 E_value: 3e-25
KOG Definition:
Classification: [RNA processing and modification].
Kog Number: KOG0108 Score: 199 E_value: 7e-17
PFAM Definition: RRM_1, RNA recognition motif. (a.k.a. RRM, RBD, or RNP domain). The RRM motif is probably diagnostic of an RNA binding protein. RRMs are found in a variety of RNA binding proteins, including various hnRNP proteins, proteins implicated in regulation of alternative splicing, and protein components of snRNPs. The motif also appears in a few single stranded DNA binding proteins. The RRM structure consists of four strands and two helices arranged in an alpha/beta sandwich, with a third helix present during RNA binding in some cases The C-terminal beta strand (4th strand) and final helix are hard to align and have been omitted in the SEED alignment The LA proteins have a N terminus rrm which is included in the seed. There is a second region towards the C terminus that has some features of a rrm but does not appear to have the important structural core of a rrm. The LA proteins are one of the main autoantigens in Systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE), an autoimmune disease..
Pfam Number: pfam00076 Score: 154 E_value: 1e-11
Swissprot: Q8C7E9|CSTFT_MOUSE
Gene Ontology:
GO:0005515 = Molecular function: protein binding
GO:0003723 = Molecular function: RNA binding
GO:0006378 = Biological process: mRNA polyadenylation


Sequences in the Contig: