Welcome to PoplarDB, a Poplar functional genomics database. The Poplar Genome Project is part of a larger INRA Genome Initiative, so-called LIGNOME, to construct genome databases for major forest species, and aims to create facilities of genomics resources for tree species.

The technologies of functional genomics are developing rapidly, and there is a large need for wide availability of these technologies. The Poplar Genome Project ensures functional genomics technologies will become available to a wide audience of forest tree scientists within INRA. Transcriptome analysis, bioinformatics, metabolite profiling, proteome analysis and forward and reverse genetics are the spearpoints of the Poplar Genome Initiative. The wide range of available genomic resources will allow for fast progress of a wide range of research projects.

The Tree-Microbe Interactions Unit (INRA-Nancy) and the Unit of "Forest Tree Improvement, Genetics and Physiology" (INRA-Orléans) undertake the development and maintenance of the different EST resources (mainly from wood and root tissues) and DNA sequencing facilities. The Forest Genetics & Tree Improvement Lab (UMR BIOGECO 1202) develops proteomics of poplar and other tree species. The aim is to provide the French Poplar community with access to high quality services.

 Specific Goals
The goals of this project will be to provide cDNA libraries, ESTs and cDNA arrays for Populus trichocarpa x P. deltoides (clone 'Beaupré') and Populus tremula x P. alba (clone INRA 717 -1-B4) to understand better its genome structure, gene expression and physiology and develop publicly available, centralized information and reagents that will be used to expedite research. This project will accomplish the following specific goals over a 4 year period starting January, 2000 through December, 2003:

  1. Construct cDNA libraries of roots, wood tissues and leaves of Populus trichocarpa x P. deltoides (clone 'Beaupré') and Populus tremula x P. alba (clone INRA 717 -1-B4)
  2. Sequence 20,000 cDNAs of Populus trichocarpa x P. deltoides (clone 'Beaupré') and Populus tremula x P. alba (clone INRA 717 -1-B4) for creation of expression sequence tags (ESTs).
  3. Perform concurrent functional genomic studies to address basic biological questions in poplar.

The Poplar Genome Project is funded by the INRA Forêt et Milieux Naturels Department, INRA LIGNOME and ECOGENE programmes and the Région Lorraine.

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