The International Scientific Advisory Board members


Jörg Bohlman (Chairman)
Professor & Distinguished University  Scholar
Michael Smith Laboratories
University of British Columbia
Vancouver – Canada


The first major stream of the research program combines forest health genomics and chemical ecology to better understand the ecological, biochemical, and molecular interactions that underlie conifer defense and resistance mechanisms against insect pests and insect-associated fungal pathogens. The second major stream combines an integrated –omics strategy to discover genes and enzymes involved in the biosynthesis of high-valued plant bioproducts.


Reinhart Ceulemans
Professor, University of Antwerp
Department of Biology
The Centre of Excellence PLECO (Plant and Vegetation Ecology)
Wilrijk – Belgium

The Centre of Excellence PLECO (Plant and Vegetation Ecology) was created in 1975 by prof. Ivan Impens. Since 2000 prof. Reinhart Ceulemans is leading the research group, together withprof. Ivan Nijs and prof. Ivan Janssens. The group has grown to more than 50 full- time members at the present. The overarching theme of the research group is the study of the effects of global changes – in the broadest meaning of the term – on plants and vegetation.


Marc Henri-Lebrun
Marc-Henri Lebrun
Director UR BIOGER
Campus AgroParis Tech
Thiveral-Grignon – France

The research unit BIOGER-CPP (biology and risk management in agriculture – plant pathogenic fungi) is a French pole of excellence mycology. One unique aspect of this research unit is to develop multidisciplinary approaches in plant pathology (genomics, molecular biology and biochemistry, population genetics, evolution, epidemiology, modeling, diagnosis and taxonomy, control methods).


Andreas Kleinschmit von Lengefeld

Director of Research,The French Technological Insitute for Forest Cellulose, Timber and Wood Furniture (FCBA)
Paris – France


Andreas Kleinschmit von Lengefeld has been the Director of the French Institute of Technology for forest based and furniture sectors (FCBA) since April 2011. Today more than 350 people work at FCBA, which covers a large part of the forest-based sector, namely forestry and genetic improvement of trees, lingo-cellulosic materials, building and living with wood. From March 2005 until March 2011 he was involved in the setting-up and operating of the European Forest-Based Sector Technology Platform – FTP sprl, at which he held the position of Director. During that period he was also the RTDI Manager at CEI-Bois. He studied forestry sciences at Ludwig-Maximilians-University of Munich and holds a PhD from Technical University of Munich.


Stale Navrud
Professor, Environmental and Resource Economics
UMB School of Economics and Business
Norwegian University of Life Sciences (UMB)
Aas – Norway

Dr. Ståle Navrud is Professor of Environmental and Natural Resource Economics at UMB. His interdisciplinary training and long track record of work in large, multidisciplinary teams in numerous national and EU research projects from the 3rd to the current 7th Framework Program for Research (1990-2012); and numerous applied projects for national and international environmental authorities, regional development banks and the World Bank, has given him insight and experience in both theoretical and applied management of ecosystem services, from both a natural sciences, social sciences and the economics perspective.


Harald Sverdrup
Professor, Chemical Engineering
Lund University
Lund – Sweden


Harald Sverdrup heads the K.A. Rasmussen company, the biggest precious metals provider in the Nordic countries. The headquarters of the company are at Hamar (Norway). The company has subsidiaries in Norway, Sweden, Finland, Estonia, Poland, Danemark, Belgium and France. K.A. Rasmussen was founded in 1872.  Chemistry professor since 1994, Harald Sverdrup has headed the Biogeochemistry and Systems Analysis Group since 1983. He studies soil chemistry; soil processes modeling, forest and sea ecosystems modeling taking into account the dynamics of the population growth and the dynamics of mercury and phosphorus cycles.  Harald Sverdrup is the most prominent scientist in the field of production peak of fossil resources (fossils fuels and ore minerals).


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Lone Ross Gobakken

Researcher, The Norwegian Forest and Landscape Institute –  Wood Technology Section
Aas – Norway

The Norwegian Forest and Landscape Institute (Skog og landskap) is one of Norway’s foremost scientific institutions regarding the use of forest resources, forest ecology and the environment. The institute is also responsible for a range of national mapping programs and resource inventories related to land cover, forestry, agriculture, landscape and the environment. The Wood Technology Section deals with the properties of wood in the broadest sense. The section performs research and development in fields such as wood quality and properties, wood-based products and production processes, timber supply and bioenergy. An important field of research is the development of new, environment-friendly wood-protection methods.  The section is continuously involved in
doctoral student training, teaching assignments at the Norwegian University of Life Sciences (UMB) and extensive international research collaboration.