Knowledge transfer projects

Awarded support funding from the annual call for proposals (CFP) EN knowledge transfer header Innovative projects

  • CLIMATRUF : Improving water management and effect of cultural techniques on soil truffle mycelium, truffle production and soil water balance: pilot experiences toward adaptation of truffle orchards to climate variations   CFP 2014 –  Report
  • QUALIDAR : Estimating the quality of roundwood and tree trunks using LiDAR    CFP 2014 – Report

  • EXPERT-SFM : Long-term Expansion of French Forests: Causal processes and Tools to support Sustainable Forest Management  CFP 2015 Report
  • SYLFORCLIM : Mediterranean and Alpine forests and climate change in Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur    CFP 2016 — RMT AFORCE – Project
  • IKSMAPS1 : Producing potential future distribution maps for the main species of French forests through IKS modeling — Part 1 : Model evaluation and DST specification   CFP 2016 — RMT AFORCE – Project
  • XPSILV : Adapt GIS Coop experimental silvicultural network to imagine new silvicultures in global change context    CFP 2017 Report
  • CARTOPIQTIQ : Cartographier le risque infectieux lié à l’exposition aux piqûres de tiques en France pour améliorer la prévention : apport des données de la recherche participative   CFP 2021 Final report

Incentive projects

  • BILJOU-WEB : National and international deployment of a diagnostic tool to evaluate drought risk under future climate conditions   CFP 2012, 2014 – Report

  • CONTROLTRUF : Developing molecular control for fungal inoculum used to prepare inoculated seedlings for black truffle licence   CFP 2013 Report
  • DEVPAD1: Development of Low-cost automatic point dendrometers   CFP 2012 –Project
  • OBUP : Optimizing Bioindication Using Plant species to predict forest sites characteristics: transfer to forest management and experimental sites.   CFP 2012 Report
  • SILVAE BIOCLIMSOL : Creation of a platform for exchange between two complementary climatic tools DIGITALIS and BIOCLIMSOL   CFP 2013 – Project
  • ABRASTAN : Tannin / furanic based abrasive discs   CFP 2014 Report
  • LowCostLogger : Development of a low cost dater logger for measurement of soil water potential: optimizing water regime in truffle orchards – Project_FR
  • MERULE : Development of a molecular method to identify and differentiate individuals of Serpula lacrymans, a wood mushroom decomposer   CFP 2014 Report
  • PROTCAR : Development of protein modules (PROTeic CARriers) for the modification of vegetable fibres   CFP 2014 Report
  • DIAGNOTRUF: Development of an easy-to-use and one-minute DIAGNOsis tool to detect the emblematic black TRUFfle  CFP 2020Project