Mycorrhizal Genomics Initiative

JGI CSP 2011: Exploring the Genome Diversity of Mycorrhizal Fungi to Understand the Evolution and Functioning of Symbiosis in Woody Shrubs and Trees

PI’s: F Martin (INRA-Nancy), D Hibbett (Clark University) & I Grigoriev (DOE JGI)

The Mycorrhizal Genome Initiative (MGI) Consortium is sequencing and analyzing the genomes of a phylogenetically and ecologically diverse suite of mycorrhizal fungi in Basidiomycota and Ascomycotina. Analyses of these genomes will provide insight into the diversity of mechanisms for the mycorrhizal symbiosis, including ectomycorrhizal, ericoid, and orchid associations. In concert with the sequencing of a suite of fungal wood decayers (Floudas et al., 2012), these genomes will also illuminate the functional basis of transitions between wood decayer and symbiotic lifestyles.

In this genome initiative, 28 species have been selected for: their ability to promote growth and health of bioenergy-domesticated trees, their ability to establish different types of mycorrhizal symbiosis (ectomycorrhizas, ericoid and orchid mycorrhizas), and their taxonomic relationships with already sequenced genomes to explore the intra-clade variability in symbiosis gene repertoires.

Photo: Laccaria amethystina (© F Martin)

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