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Laccaria_douglas01Here on the MycorWeb Genomics blog you will find a portal with postings about genomics resources and news, metagenomics, bioinformatics and more. My goal is to keep you informed about the increasing amount of data generated on the genomes of fungi and plants, and how to access it through the tools, databases and resources that are publicly available to you.

Our lab studies genome organization and evolution, physiology and ecology of forest fungi, principally symbiosis-forming mycorrhizal fungi, and trees. Much of our work is focused on genomics and transcriptomics for studying the development, functioning and ecological traits in the ectomycorrhizal symbiosis and tree-associated microbes. We are studying the genomes and transcriptomes of the basidiomycetes Laccaria bicolor, Melampsora larici-populina, Heterobasidion annosum, Pleurotus ostraetus, Agaricus bisporus and Serpula lacrymans, the ectomycorrhizal ascomycete Tuber melanosporum and the Glomeromycota Glomus intraradices. We are also scrutinizing the genome and functioning of rhizospheric bacteria associated to ectomycorrhizal roots (Pseudomonas fluorescens BBc6) and involved in mineral wheathering. To understand the community ecology of forest ecosystems we are currently developing metagenomics of soil.

Francis Martin

Photo: Laccaria bicolor fruiting bodies © Dominique Vairelles – INRA

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