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30th New Phytologist Symposium

January 30th, 2012


The deadline for students and early-stage career scientists (researchers in their first post-doctoral position) applying for travel grants to the New Phytologist Trust is 18 May 2012 for the 30th New Phytologist Symposium. I would be grateful if you could forward this information to members of your research group who may be planning to apply for a grant.

my Tree of the Month

January 29th, 2012

I enjoyed very much visiting the first retrospective exhibition “Jacques Gruber and Art Nouveau: A Decorative Path” dedicated to the work of the artist in stained glass Jacques Gruber (1870-1936) by the École de Nancy Museum.

The museum has assembed more than 150 of Gruber’s fine works, including posters and paintings, decorative pieces and furniture, but pride of place goes to the magnificent stained-glass works for which Gruber became most famous, including great mountain landscapes from the nearby Vosges range.

Mycorrhizal Genomics Initiative: an Update

January 18th, 2012

I am writing to touch base about our JGI Mycorrhizal Genomics Initiative. As of today, the genome annotations publicly released are those of:

The genome of Piloderma croceum and Tulasnella calospora are in the JGI annotation pipeline and should (hopefully) be available in the coming weeks. Those of Cenococcum geophilum, Sebacina vermifera, and Pisolithus tinctorius are in the final phase of sequencing, but Cenococcum and Pisolithus are difficult (large and polymorphic) genomes and JGI cannot give an estimated date of release.

The transcriptome of free-living mycelium of C. geophilum, H. cylindrosporum, O. maius, P. involutus, P. croceum, P. microcarpus, P. tinctorius, Scleroderma citrinum, Sebacina vermifera and T. calospora are sequenced (RNA-Seq) and a series of dedicated databases are under construction.

Finally, Igor Grigoriev, Joey Spatafora and I would like to invite you to Walnut Creek in mid-March 2012 to participate in several important JGI meetings:

  • Fungal Jamboree (March 19, 2011 8am-8pm) to discuss progress and coordination of large scale initiatives in fungal genomics: (1) Genomic Encyclopedia of Fungi, (2) 1000 fungal genomes, and (3) Fungal model systems and metagenomes (including our Mycorrhizal Genome Initiative).
  • JGI User Meeting (March 20-22, 2012: and workshops including MycoCosm Tutorial (March 20, afternoon)

You could access our recently opened MycorWeb portal dedicated to this project, Mycorrhizal Genomics Initiative, for links and updates.

Plant Biology Congress Freiburg 2012

January 13th, 2012

JGI Winter 2012 Primer

January 11th, 2012

The Winter 2012 edition of the DOE Joint Genome Institute newsletter, The Primer, is out and downloadable here:

Highlights include:

  • DOE JGI Data Analysis Assets Featured in the Special Database Issue of Nucleic Acids Research, including: The Genome portal, IMGIMG/MPhytozome and GOLD.
  • 2012 Community Sequencing Program (CSP) Portfolio Announcement
  • Microbial Activity in Arctic Permafrost
  • DOE JGI Presentation Schedule at the Upcoming Plant & Animal Genome (PAG) Meeting: