SHIN+GO platform (Miyauchi et al., 2017)

Visualisation and analysis of multi-omics data with SHIN+GO platform (Miyauchi et al., 2016; 2017; 2018).


Shingo is experienced in fungal biotechnology and evolution, virology, and data visualisation. He is also a self-proclaimed “data graffitiā€¯ artist. He has been developing innovative bioinformatic tools for big biological data. SHIN+GO is a machine learning-based tool for genome-wide co-expressed gene analysis, which can combine genomic, transcriptomic, and secretomic data (Miyauchi et al., 2016; 2017; 2018). PHINGO was created to visualise gene evolution trends using phylogenomic approaches. The role of TINGO is to discover the types of repeat elements in genomes and visualise compiled results. SynGO identifies and visualises the genomic locations of synteny, repeat elements, and genes of interest. A combination of these tools enables us to advance the computational aspects of research projects.

Data visualisation gallery: