Jean-Michel Girardet


– 2015: Currently assigned to UMR 1136 INRA/University of Lorraine IAM as Research Engineer.

– 1993-2014: Engineer in Food Biochemistry assigned to UR AFPA, USC INRA 340, University of Lorraine.


– 2012: H.D.R. (Qualified Research Supervisor) from the University of Lorraine, France: ‘Technofunctional and Biofunctional Properties of Milk Proteins and Peptides’.

– 1992: Ph.D. in Applied Biochemistry from the University of Nancy 1, France : ‘Component PP3 of Milk: Preparation, Origin, Study of its Glycan Moiety, Role in the Inhibition of Lipolysis’. (INRA-Region of Lorraine scholarship)


-AHMAD Nazir: ‘Postprandial lipemia and lactoferrin: The Lipolysis Stimulated Lipoprotein Receptor as potential target’ December 2012.

-MATÉOS Aurélie: ‘Proteomic study of equine alphas1– and beta-caseins microheterogeneity: Identification of posttranscriptional variants and phosphorylation variants; identification of the phosphorylation sites of the equine beta-casein’ November 2008.

-N’NEGUE Marie-Andrée: ‘Susceptibility of alpha-lactalbumin towards proteolysis in relationship to the conformational changes induced by thermal treatments. Identification of alpha-lactalbumin peptides possessing antioxidant activity’ June 2006.

-DO EGITO Antonio Silvio: ‘Equine milk proteins: Physico-chemical properties and highlighting of Angiotensin I Converting Enzyme (ACE) inhibitory peptides’ April 2002.


– Elected member of staff (CPE) at the University of Lorraine (ca. 3000 technicians and engineers concerned).

– Appointed as expert in juries in national competitions for the recruitment of staff.

– Elected member at the council of A2F scientific cluster of University of Lorraine.

– Elected member at the scientifc council of UMR IAM.


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