Gelhaye E.

ericEric Gelhaye, PhD, Professor, Université de Lorraine,

Head of the Department INRA/UL Interactions Arbres/Microorganismes

contact :; 03 83 68 42 28


Research interests

Sans titreMy main research interests concern the  microbial wood degradation. Fungal degradation of wood is mainly restricted to basidiomycetes, these organisms having developed complex oxidative and hydrolytic enzymatic systems. Besides these systems, wood-decaying fungi possess intracellular networks allowing them to deal with the myriad of potential toxic compounds resulting at least in part from wood degradation but also more generally from recalcitrant organic matter degradation. The members of the detoxification pathways constitute the xenome. Using biochemical and physiological approaches, I’m working on the characterization of these multigenic families focusing in particular on the antioxidant systems.


Research keywords: Redox regulation, fungi, xenome, proteins, microbial physiology, wood degradation, glutathione transferase