Couturier Jérémy


I received my PhD in Forest Biology from University of Lorraine in Nancy in 2007. My research concerned the identification of molecular mechanisms involved in the absorption and transport of different nitrogen sources, ammonium and amino acids, in poplar. Then, I did a post-doctoral research on the elucidation of the functions of glutaredoxins (GRXs) in plants and more particularly on their roles in Fe-S cluster maturation. During this period, I improved my technical skills for the biochemical and structural characterization of proteins involved in the redox regulation.

I have been recruited as an assistant professor in the research unit in September 2013. I am interested by all redox modifications of protein cysteine residues. Besides my involvement in two projects focused on Fe-S cluster maturation and the identification of new metal or redox regulated functions in plants, I am the principal investigator of a project focused on the molecular mechanisms involved in the sulfur trafficking in plants. As a major sulfur donor molecule, cysteine is a key metabolite involved in the biosynthesis of many sulfur-containing cofactors or biomolecules (Fe-S cluster, biotin, thiamine, lipoic acid, molybdopterin and sulfur-containing bases in tRNA). The first hallmark step of sulfur mobilization is the formation of persulfides on a reactive catalytic cysteine of cysteine desulfurases (CDs). Considering the diversity of acceptor molecules, the trafficking of sulfur also implies the existence of carrier proteins, notably of the sulfurtransferase (STR) family. Most STRs catalyze the transfer of a sulfur atom from sulfur donors to nucleophilic sulfur acceptors by forming themselves persulfides. In this context, the intervention of the thioredoxin (TRX) and glutathione/glutaredoxin (GRX) reducing systems in the sulfur signaling/trafficking pathways may be important by modulating this process but it could also provide the required specificity to disseminate the signal from a single persulfide-generating enzyme to specific target proteins acting in this case as secondary carriers.




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