Short-term staff

Name BARBIER Muriel
Muriel Barbier
Position and team Engineer assistant – Stress response and redox regulation team
Supervisors E. Gelhaye
Subject Interactions between fungal extracts and glutathione transferases
Period Nov, 2017– August, 2018
Name DANTANT Manon
Position and team BTS work-study contract at CFPPA Mirecourt/Ecology of forest pathogenic fungi team
Supervisor O. Caël
Subject Impact de la chalarose sur frênes en forêt
Period Sept., 2017- Sept., 2019
Name TODESCO Flora
Flora Todesco
Position and team Engineer assistant – Ecogenomics of interactions team
Supervisor C. Murat
Subject Subject: Dynamic of Tuber melanosporum mycelium in truffle orchard soil
Period Febr. 2017 – Jan. 2019