Short-term staff

Name LEVESQUE Emilie Emilie Levesque
Position and team Technician – Ecogenomics of interactions team
Supervisors C. Murat/ F. Todesco
Subject CulturTruf project: dynamic of truffle DNA in the soil of orchards
Period June-December, 2017
Name MAROUFI Mehdi
Medhi Maaroufi
Position and team Engineer-Ecogenomics of interactions team
Supervisor A. Deveau – Ecogenomics of Interactions team & University of Lorraine
Subject Projet Coolwood – Colonization of wood by fungi during storage
Period May-August, 2017
Name TODESCO Flora Flora Todesco
Position and team Engineer assistant – Ecogenomics of interactions team
Supervisor C. Murat
Subject Subject: Dynamic of Tuber melanosporum mycelium in truffle orchard soil
Period Febr. 2017 – Jan. 2019
Name BEY Leïla  Leila Bey
Position and team Technican / Stress response and redox regulation team
Supervisor T. Dhalleine
Subject Purification and characterization of Sulfutransferases
Period January– May, 2017
Name COUDOUX Thomas  Thomas Coudoux
Position and team Engineer  – Ecology of forest pathogenic fungi team
Supervisors F. Halkett & S. De Mita
Subject Tests and implementations of EggLib libraries
Period April 2016 – October 2017
Name SAIAG Fanny  Fanny Saiag1
Position and team Engineer – Stress response and redox regulation team
Supervisor E. Gelhaye
Subject Biomass degradation
Period Dec 2015 – May 2017