Morel-Rouhier Mélanie


Mélanie Morel-Rouhier

Assistant Professor-HDR

 I am specialized in microbiology, and in particular fungal physiology. After obtaining a  PhD in 2005, focusing on the ectomycorrhizal symbiosis, searching for the mechanisms of nitrogen uptake and transfer to the host, I worked on the characterization of heavy metal transporters in Arabidodpsis thaliana during a post-doctoral stay at CEA Cadarache. I got a position as an assistant professor at Lorraine University in 2008 and my current research activities concern saprophytic fungi and how these powerful microorganisms adapt to their hostile environment. I am studying the intracellular systems of detoxification and oxidative stress response of white rot fungi. These microorganisms have the ability to completely degrade wood, thanks to efficient oxidative and enzymatic systems. During this process, many toxic compounds and oxidants are released. To cope with these molecules, fungi have developed various strategies. In particular, genomes of wood degraders exhibit extended multigenic families as cytochrome P450 or glutathione transferases (GSTs). By combining various approaches (molecular biology, biochemistry and physiology), we have functionally characterized many GSTs from Phanerochaete chrysosporium, showing that these enzymes are highly versatile and could exhibit various interesting activities such as ligandin for example. The functional diversity of GSTs probably reflect fungal adaptation to the myriad of molecules that fungi have to cope with in their natural environment.