Post-doctoral position IAM

Open position: Two-year postdoctoral position in the team “Stress response and redox regulation” in Nancy

A two-year postdoctoral position is open in the team “Stress response and redox regulation” (UMR1136 Université de Lorraine/INRA) located at the faculty of sciences in Vandoeuvre-lès-Nancy, France. The research project, funded by the national funding agency (ANR), aims at dissecting the mechanisms of maturation of iron-sulfur (Fe-S) proteins in plants using a functional genomics approach, focusing on A-type carrier proteins, which are present both in chloroplast and mitochondria. Several roles have been proposed for these proteins, but their exact function is unclear. We want to develop a multidisciplinary project associating plant genetics and physiology as well as molecular, biochemical and structural approaches. This approach will allow delineating the biochemical and spectroscopic properties of recombinant proteins and should help identifying the interaction partners and understanding the transcriptional or post-transcriptional regulation mechanisms necessary to coordinate the expression and activity of the different components of the Fe-S cluster assembly machineries. For the latter aspect, we would like to develop fluorescent probes. Applicants should have a solid background in biochemistry and structural biology, especially concerning metalloproteins if possible. It would also be appreciated that the candidates possess competence in cell imaging.

The position will be open in the first months of 2014. Applicants should send their CV with the names of referees to Nicolas Rouhier (