The IAM Department

Research projects performed by the UMR INRA/Lorraine University 1136 « Drapeau_francaisInteractions Arbres-Microorganismes » are dedicated to the biology and the ecology of the interactions between microorganisms and forest trees.

They aim to improve our knowledge and our understanding of the interactions that take place between trees, fungi and bacteria, and that contribute to the sustainable functioning of forest ecosystems.


The Department is organized into three teams, supported by technical platforms:

  • Team : Stress response and redox regulation (Leader : N. Rouhier)
  • Team : Ecogenomics of Interactions (Leader : S. Duplessis)
  • Team : Ecology of forest pathogenic fungi (Leader : P. Frey)

IAM is member of the Lab of Excellence for Advanced Research on the Biology of TRee and Forest Ecosystems (ARBRE) and is recognized by the AgreenSkills mobility programme for the quality of the support offered to postdoctoral research fellows that have been awarded an AgreenSkills Fellowship




credit : IAM logo designed by Mark Perring