The IAM Department

Research projects performed by the UMR INRA/Lorraine University 1136 « Drapeau_francaisInteractions Arbres-Microorganismes » are dedicated to the biology and the ecology of the interactions between microorganisms and forest trees.

The ultimate goals of these projects are to improve our knowledge and our understanding of the interactions that take place between trees, fungi and bacteria, and that contribute to the sustainable functioning of forest ecosystems.


The Department  is organized into three teams, supported by technical platforms:

The 1136 Research Unit “Tree-Microorganism Interactions” (IAM) associating INRA and the University of Lorraine was formed in January 2001 by merging the INRA Forest Microbiology Laboratory and the Henri Poincaré University (Nancy I) Laboratory of Forest Biology. In January 2005, the INRA Laboratory of Forest Pathology was added to the IAM unit.

The IAM unit is located on two sites located roughly 20 kilometers apart:

  • At the Faculty of Sciences and Technology in Vandoeuvre-lès-Nancy

fac des sciences

  • At the INRA Nancy-Lorraine campus in Champenoux

laboratoire-inra-tectoniques-7IAM’s functional structure organizes research into three teams; two are located in Champenoux while the third is situated in Vandoeuvre-lès-Nancy.

As of June 30th 2016, the IAM unit is comprised of 44 permanent staff members, corresponding to 43.4 full-time equivalent (FTE) positions and of 31 non-permanent members including 7 post-doctoral positions, 16 PhD students and 6 technical non-permanent positions. In addition, around 10 Master students (M1 and M2) are welcomed per year into the unit. The students stay within the research teams during their internships of two months for the 1st year master students and for at least 5 months for the 2nd year students. During the last four years, we had the pleasure to host more than 50 international visiting researchers (PhD students, postdoctoral fellows, scientific sabbatical leaves) and have been involved in the organization of around 40 international conferences and/or scientific workshops.

IAM is member of the Lab of Excellence for Advanced Research on the Biology of TRee and Forest Ecosystems (ARBRE) and is recognized by the AgreenSkills mobility programme for the quality of the support offered to postdoctoral research fellows that have been awarded an AgreenSkills Fellowship




credit : IAM logo designed by Mark Perring